Through visual idea design, diverse urban needs in a city can be made visible and thus flow directly into the complex urban development and its planning. The spectrum ranges from „good ideas“ to comprehensive portfolios with concrete solutions. Citizens should thus be included in the planning processes and the diverse approaches to solutions coordinated by online systems, made transparently and access to influential data material supported. This is exactly where Sketch&Draw comes in: the urban population or those directly affected by specific urban development processes sketch out imaginative solutions and planning criteria. The sketch of an idea can outline the future and the necessary images of a possible future and thus support innovative solutions. In the best case, it can even create a future-relevant design or concrete solutions for complex problems. In European cities, the threats of climate change are crucial for urban development and human security. Although cities are increasingly experiencing new approaches to local adaptation planning, there are still significant barriers and limits, such as:

Limited availability of up-to-date data on local conditions.

Lack of awareness and civic attitudes of ignorance of climate change and its impact on basic well-being and local conditions in our streets and neighbourhoods, lack of public interest, and finally:

The lack of interdisciplinary approaches and public action to solve local problems, and often the inability to choose optimal solutions from a set of alternative measures.

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